• VI Degrees of Human

    Human interaction in an augmented reality.



VI DEGREES OF HUMAN provides a platform for the exploration of human interaction in immersive mixed reality environments.

We believe the digital augmentation of our physical world to be the next computational model of our society.
Within the global race for advanced technological solutions, we aim to understand the underlying human factors of user-centered interactions with holographic and augmented digital content. Looking beyond the technological limitations of current AR devices, we specialize in the behavioral and psychological requirements for fully immersive augmented experiences.


OUR PLATFORM aims to inform both, the general public as well as relevant professionals in industry and research.

We seek to diffuse general knowledge on the future of holographic mixed reality content within societies, paving the grounds for a smooth adaptation of the technology once it is ready for customer use.
In the same time, we are targeting industrial and academic innovators by advocating for the importance of placing the human being in the center of their technological development.
Believing that groundbreaking technology is only truly disruptive when it enhances our quality of life and adds value to genuine human-human interaction, we shed light on the factors that will make the future of holographic technology worth waiting for.


WE ARE an interdisciplinary network of experts in immersive technologies, human-machine interaction, brain research, behavioral science, social psychology and audiovisual storytelling.

We think, speak, publish, advice and consult.
Talk to us for the exchange of knowledge, for consultancy or for collaborations.

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Stanislaw Grünstein

Stanislaw Grünstein


STANISLAW GRÜNSTEIN is researching the neural, emotional and behavioral underpinnings of human interaction in and with immersive environments at the Immersive Technology Laboratory of the Functional Brain Research Center in Tel Aviv. In his current PhD studies, he explores narrative concepts and physical interaction in Mixed Reality at Tel Aviv University and, besides, consults Israeli and German companies on the implementation of AR and VR technology. He holds an MSc Psychological and Behavioral Science from the London School of Economics (LSE) with focus on human-computer interaction and previously worked over seven years in international feature film production.

Jonathan Natzel

Jonathan Natzel


JONATHAN NATZEL is CEO and co-founder of Weltenmacher, a VR production company based in Dusseldorf, specialized in immersive virtual training facilities. He lectures, consults and mentors on digital business transformations, IoT solutions and telecommunication technologies and has lived, studied and worked in London, Bangkok, Los Angeles and Berlin. Apart from initiating a number of start ups, projects and initiatives, he also holds an MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management from the Imperial College Business School and a diploma in Engineering from the University of Applied Science in Düsseldorf.

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